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Jääkaappimagneetti Markku Alén KTMJääkaappimagneetti, Markku Alén ja KTM. Omasta valokuvasta tehty, tätä et löydä muistaLue lisää »
Jääkaappimagneetti Lapinkoira & kaveritJääkaappimagneetti, Lapinkoira ja kaksi kaveria (ranskanbulldogeja). Omasta valokuvastaLue lisää »
Jääkaappimagneetti Monte Carlo - voittajatJääkaappimagneetti, Mini Cooper S voittaja-autot Monte Carlon rallista 1964, 1965Lue lisää »

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3. Keimolanajo 19663. Keimolanajo 9.10.1966, Alfa-Romeot nro 41 Olli Lyytikäinen (voittaja), 42 HansLue lisää »


katso valikon kohdasta "Yhteystiedot"

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 are a group of private collectors who want to share their items with others interested in motor sports, photos, books, post cards, posters, old magazines, event programmes, stickers, press material etc - unfortunately our resources and time available do not cater for extensive multi-language web pages so please try to find your ways around this site (and when doing it, you might learn some Finnish, a language totally useless outside our own country...)

We have created a Photo Gallery - with tens of thousands of motor sports related photos from 1950's into 1990's (new photos will be added as we have them digitized - work has been on-going for more than ten years now) -everything from Monte Carlo Rally and F1 to 1000 Lakes, Keimola Circuit, Ahvenisto...cars, motor bikes, snowmobiles; international stars and local heroes, just like in our books! Buy a Library Card here and we'll send you the password. (PayPal or direct bank transfer, no extra cost involved)

 Our latest book: "Sports Cars and Prototypes in Finland 1950-84" - 91 pages, ca 230 photos, most of them never published before. Michael Head, David Piper and others in Eläintarhanajo, Ahvenisto Circuit, Keimola Circuit...with their Finnish "counterparts", starting from Curt Lincoln, S.P.J. Keinänen and all the way to Keke Rosberg, Lancia and Henry Toivonen, Rothmans Porsche 956. Order your copy here. LIMITED EDITION!

(Also availale a book about Keimola Circuit -  a limited edition, almost sold out, check the Kirjat / Books part of our store for availability)

You will find various collectables on the page called

"TUOTERYHMÄT" -> "KERÄILYKOHTEET"  - if you are looking for

books, select "Kirjat",              - NB another new book out now: "Keimola Circuit 1966-78, Part 1"  and the previous one: "Finnish Formula History, from Midgets into Modern Times 1947-1989"

stickers, go for "Tarrat",

post cards, click "Postikortit"

and for photos, select "Valokuvat

New items: fridge magnets (Magneetit) and Metal Signs (Metallitaulut)


If you are looking for a certain item and can't find it here, do not hesitate to contact us - only a small fraction of our archives are listed here (we are adding items all the time - things we want to sell to be able to finance our own hobbies/collections etc). Email is the fastest way of asking if we can find what you are looking for, so write to us - you'll find the email when clicking at "YHTEYSTIEDOT"  - and more items can be found on our old web site http://www.kolumbus.fi/fv.henrietta/products.htm but we are gradually moving them to this site; stickers and posters come next...)

Photos  are taken by some of the leading professionals in Finland and are from various fields of interest, mainly motorsports (car racing, motorbike racing, rally cars, famous drivers and events like RAC Rally, Rallye de Monte Carlo, Rally of the 1000 Lakes - and  also Formula 1 and other track racing, both from Finland and overseas) but also others like celebrities, places of interest, private events....

You can find some lists of what kind of photos we have on the page "VALOKUVIA"  and as stated above, examples of the pictures on "TUOTERYHMÄT" -> "Keräilykohteet" -> "Valokuvat"


Buying and paying:

You can use the shopping cart by selecting "  Lisää ostoskoriin " when looking at the items for sale, and your selections will be shown when you click the icon  on the upper right hand corner of the page.  You can always delete  items, modify quantities ( and having done it, click "Päivitä ostoskori") and it's also possible to empty the cart (just click "Tyhjennä ostoskori" ) if you so wish. When  you  want to check out, you select  "Osta tuotteet"  and we will mail you  a confirmation with your order details.

We accept direct bank transfer ("ennakkomaksu" ) and PayPal / Credit card / Debit card payment (Visa, AMEX, Mastercard etc.) and if you wish, we can send you a PayPal invoice (other forms and terms to be agreed separately) and if you order collectables for 70€ or more, we do not charge anything extra for postage and delivery - smaller orders are subject for a mailing fee, dependig on the size of the items shipped (we only charge what the local Post office charges us). For other orders (books, home decoration, clothes etc.) the mailing fee will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. For more details, contact us via email.

Photos are only sold for non-commercial private use IF NOT AGREED OTHERWISE and we own the copyright and all commercial rights of every item sold. And just like when purchasing software, photos and other collectables can't be returned when bought here. When ordering from us, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Special prices will be listed here    and you can always email us for an offer!